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The people of

The people of … Recklinghausen Süd

An audio walk

Co-production with Quarantine, Manchester

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„The people of ...“ is an audio walk, composed for and from Bochumer Straße, a street in Recklinghausen South - an intersection of everyday life, a place where people and realities cross and converge. Created from conversations with ten people who work along the central 1km stretch of Bochumer Straße, and, of course, the postman who knows every door, The people of is a mixtape curated from fragments of their lives. There are people who have been here a long time, and those who have just arrived; people who have citizenship here in Germany and people who - through choice or circumstance - do not. We asked them how they ended up here, and why they stay; about nationalism, neighbourliness and plans for tomorrow…

The tailor who learnt his craft at age 11, the chicken shop owner who is afraid of heights, the tattoo artist who has inked workers all along the street, the bookshop owner who can’t imagine living anywhere else, and the postman who travelled for more than twenty days to get here…

„The people of ...“ is made by Manchester-based artist ensemble Quarantine, who spent four weeks as temporary residents and workers in Recklinghausen South - not from here, but here for now. Held by an original score from Cologne-based sound artist Julian Stetter, this sonic portrait of Bochumer Straße is designed to be listened to as you walk along the street where all of these people work.

During opening hours, a book documenting who we spoke to and every question we asked is available to view at the end of the walk at Britts Bücherforum, Bochumer Straße 137. The book also contains Turkish and Arabic translations of the audio.

„The people of ...“ asks questions about belonging, permanence, and who this place - any place - is for. The audio walk is a fixed route with individual stations to listen to in Recklinghausen South. There is no time limit for the walk. It can be done at any time with your own internet-enabled smartphone or tablet and headphones. You will find all the information about the route, the individual stations and the audio files here soon.

The people of

By viewing the video you agree that data will be transferred to Vimeo. Please note our privacy policy.

By viewing the video you agree that data will be transferred to Vimeo. Please note our privacy policy.

By viewing the video you agree that data will be transferred to Vimeo. Please note our privacy policy.

The audio walk is in German.

Dates: 2 May - 12 June
Opening hours: Any time with your own internet-enabled smartphone.
Playback devices can be borrowed on Fr. and Sat. between 15:00 and 18:00. Appointments for Saturday can be booked via the Ruhrfestspiele ticket office. Friday without appointment at Britts Bücherforum, Bochumer Str. 137; 45661 Recklinghausen.
Free of charge

Quarantine are an ensemble of artists and producers interested in what it means to live in the world right now. They are rooted in Manchester UK, but make and tour work across the globe. T„The people of ...“ is a collection of audio walks made along high streets in different cities and towns. It was first made in Engelskirchen in 2020 as part of Nach dem Beaufsichtigen der Maschinen by LVR-Industriemuseum & NRW KULTURsekretariat, curated by Florian Malzacher. It was made again in Longsight, Manchester in 2021. All versions of the walks can be accessed at

Creation: Kate Daley & Sarah Hunter
Concept: Kate Daley, Richard Gregory & Sarah Hunter
Dramaturgy: Richard Gregory & Renny O'Shea
Photography: Kate Daley
Project Animateur: Zoë Hars
Sound design: Julian Stetter
Producer: Ali Dunican
Web design: Lisa Mattocks
Marketing: Frances Richens
Projectanimateur: Zoë Hars

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