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Runners photo by Bernadette Fink 2021 01 24x16 Runners photo by Bernadette Fink 2021 01 24x16
Runners photo by Bernadette Fink 2021 01 24x16


Hippana.Maleta, Germany / Ireland / Spain

Two jugglers on two treadmills, they run and run and run - can neither stop, nor advance. In "Runners", circus performers and jugglers Jonas Schiffauer and Alex Allison deal with the real and perceived speed of time. Together with multi-instrumentalist Moisés Mas García, they explore the evolution of human gait in an increasingly immobile culture. Central players in this stunning show are the relentless treadmills and assembly lines, conducted by Moisés Mas García like his musical instruments. He precisely orchestrates music, movement, machines, and people through games and experiments. In this way, the exciting and grotesque interaction of the three protagonists is set in motion and kept running. After the success of "Tunnel," "Runners" is the second creation of Hippana.Maleta.

The production is selected and supported by Zirkus ON, the creative alliance for circus arts in and from Germany. Ruhrfestspiele are a partner and jury member of Zirkus ON.

With: Alex Allison, Jonas Schiffauer, Moises Mas García
Authors: Alex Allison, Jonas Schiffauer
compositions and sound arrangements: Moisés Mas García
dramaturgical and choreographic accompaniment: Benjamin Richter, Darragh Mc Loughlin, Anna-Katharina Andrees, Marie Lena Kaiser
costumes: Liora Epstein
Stage: Jonas Schiffauer, Alex Allison, Moisés Mas García
Technique: Jan Widmer
Organization: Ute Classen

Language note: without language

Photo: Bernadette Fink

Duration: 1h 0m