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Repercussion Fuldner 4 Copyright Repercussion1
Repercussion Fuldner 4 Copyright Repercussion1


The ensemble Repercussion consists of four creative minds. For several years, it has been one of the most exciting of its kind - classical on the inside, modern on the outside. The musicians demonstrate the full potential of drums, ranging from Bach to dubstep. Casually and skillfully, they explore the almost limitless possibilities of percussion, whether electronically expanded or as an acoustic sound. Existing works, new arrangements, and tailor-made compositions are brought to the stage. Whether it's the Kölner Philharmonie, a Frisian concert barn, a half-burned festival location in St. Petersburg, or a festival tent - Repercussion is a good fit, because their music grooves at any occasion.

Duration: 1h 30m
No break