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Race Horse Company O DD c Minja Kaukoniemi 4 Race Horse Company O DD c Minja Kaukoniemi 4
Race Horse Company O DD c Minja Kaukoniemi 4


Race Horse Company, Finland

Multidisciplinary madcap acrobat Rauli Dahlberg takes us on a fascinating adventure into the heart of gravity. He stretches physical laws until they seem to burst and he can free himself from their constraints. His show is a single rush of movement into an unknown dimension, a futuristic dream. As a source of inspiration for "O'DD," Dahlberg used the visionary worlds of science fiction movies and books. Just like these unknown universes, his acrobatics inspire our imagination. Poetic magic on the trampoline, dynamic ball balancing, and dizzying feats on the turntable are among his many skills. He is accompanied by musician Miro Natere, a master of live looping, whose compositions and homemade instruments create an atmospheric soundscape that leaves a fascinating space for improvisation and interaction between both artists.

Since 2008, the award-winning Finnish Race Horse Company has stood for uncompromising contemporary circus. Their daring performances combine chaos, danger, and humor with extremely physical, ingenious acrobatics. "O'DD" is a bold continuation of their visionary circus artistry.

Direction and acrobatics: Rauli Dahlberg
Music: Miro Mantere
Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin
Lighting and stage: Jere Mönkkönen

Age: 10+
Language note: without language
Photo: Minja Kaukoniemi

Duration: 1h 0m