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Neue Philharmonie Westfalen

Zeitgedanken - Symphonic concert of the New Philharmonic Orchestra of Westphalia

"Everything has its time:" this is just one of many wisdoms of the Kohelet, a book of the Old Testament. The New Philharmonic Orchestra of Westphalia, conducted by Evan Christ, takes up this motto from a musical perspective. It is in the title of Haydn's Symphony No. 64, "Tempora mutantur," the times are changing. Norman dello Joio also makes direct reference to the Kohelet with "a time for weeping and a time for laughter." He received the Pulitzer Prize in 1957 for his "Meditations on Ecclesiastes." Accompanied by soloist Asya Fateyeva on the saxophone, the concert moves into the night with "Night Prayers" by Giya Kancheli. According to Kancheli, the piece is meant to evoke "grief, compassion and hope" because it "speaks of life."

Duration: 1h 15m
No break