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Guru Dudu Guru Dudu
Guru Dudu

Guru Dudu: Silent Disco Walking Tour

Dancing tour through public spaces

In cooperation with the Week of Sports

Guru Dudu’s “Silent Disco Walking Tour” is a fun and collaborative dance experience for people of all ages. Guided by the colorful Guru Dudu, participants dance their way through the streets of Recklinghausen. Each participant is equipped with Bluetooth headphones that not only transmit funky music from the 1970s to the 2000s, but also Guru Dudu’s rousing animations and whimsical facts about sights along the way. Some visitors will certainly remember the eccentric Australian who already visited Recklinghausen during the Kulturvolksfest in 2019. All those who have previously participated can certainly confirm that inhibitions are quickly forgotten during this special city tour. We promise!

Age : 6+

Language : Tours are in English.

Note: Headphones will be provided on site. The tour starts and ends at the Drübbelken pub (Münsterstraße 5, 45657 Recklinghausen).

"Guru Dudu: Silent Disco Walking Tour" is an outdoor event, therefore masks are not required. We still recommend wearing a medical mouth-nose protection and keeping your distance.

Photo: Guru Dudu

Duration: 0h 50m