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Charlie Casanova Charlie Casanova
Charlie Casanova


An installation documentary by Charlie Casanova

Charlie Casanova’s love of theater has been a major influence on her artistic work for years, and in the most diverse ways. With her “Festival Diary,” the Berlin-based live-painting artist translates theater into images and carries them into urban space, thus capturing theatrical magic on and around the stage of this year’s Ruhrfestspiele. On site, she lets herself be inspired by the people, the atmosphere, and the extraordinary moments. These images then gradually become visible on the festival grounds as well as in Recklinghausen’s city center. The city will become a public exhibition venue where the highlights of the festival can be experienced by everyone. With a bit of luck, you may even meet the artist during one of your visits to the Festspielhaus. You are in for a treat!

With: Charlie Casanova

Location: in and around the Ruhrfestspielhaus and in Recklinghausen city centre