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Element of Crime 2018 Cover photo Charlotte Goltermann

Element of Crime

Element of Crime have been making music for 35 years. No other German-language band creates a similar mixture of folk rock and blues, art rock and children's song, noise orgy and schmaltz onto the stage. The band does not care whether their sound is suitable for new or old media, whether anyone understands it, whether they understand it themselves, whether it is sad or funny, ugly or beautiful, profound or nonsensical. Their concerts are an eclectic mix of soul ballads, chansons, folk songs, pub rock bangers, desert rock and much more. Sven Regener's harsh, unmistakable voice will summon up dizzying worlds of experience through music and lyrics. The songs tell of strange folks who are supported by their families, of Hendl-Jahn in the sock store, and of a world in which storms, lightning, and thunder are not weather phenomena but an arsenal against bad moods. Element of Crime concerts are everything: beautiful, exciting, loud, quiet, moving and amusing, stirring and soothing at the same time.

Karten von €32 to €49

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