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Dimanche Dimanche

Dimanche (Sonntag)

Compagnie Chaliwaté and Compagnie Focus, Belgium

Sometime in the near future, climate change is making Earth uninhabitable. The end of our planet seems to draw near. In their small house in the city center, a family wants to enjoy their Sunday afternoon rituals in peace. But they don’t get to do this: the walls are shaking, torrential rain is pouring outside, and a huge storm is coming. At the same time, in a different place, three animal reporters are trying to document the last living species on earth.
Oscillating between dreamlike fiction and factual reality, “Dimanche” paints a witty and tender portrait of humanity trying to keep up appearances in the midst of an apocalypse. The Belgian companies Chaliwaté and Focus combine movement art, object and puppet theater, acting and video art to create an intense and entertaining evening for the whole family.

The production is presented in cooperation with the FIDENA Figurentheaterfestival Bochum (May 7-18, 2022). For more information, please visit www.fidena.de

Duration: 1h 15m
No break