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Colossus Colossus


Choreography: Stephanie Lake

Stephanie Lake Company

Cooperation with the Institute for Contemporary Dance, Folkwang University of the Arts

German premiere

They walk and breathe in time, raise their arms, turn their heads - always in unison. It is impossible to tell where one body ends and the next begins. In "Colossus," Australian choreographer Stephanie Lake explores the joys and tensions of collective experience. The stage is filled with a living mass, a colossus of nearly 50 dancers, moving as one. Many movement patterns are borrowed from nature, they seem wild and animalistic, others geometrical and restrictive. If an individual breaks out of the mass to perform a solo, the moment appears all the more powerful. "Colossus" explores humanity and the challenges of living in close proximity. Are our societies and social networks more than just collections of individuals? Through its overwhelming mass of dancers, it also examines experiences of community. Lake creates a multi-layered mix of intricate unison and fierce individuality, of explosive moments as well as tender, intimate ones.
And something else is special: Lake is not working with dancers from her ensemble on this large-scale project. Rather, in the spirit of sustainability, she is rehearsing "Colossus" with local dance students. For the German premiere, Ruhrfestspiele have connected her with the Institute for Contemporary Dance at Folkwang University of the Arts. The Folkwang students will now bring this breathtaking dance performance to life on the Ruhrfestspiele stage.

Choreography: Stephanie Lake
With: Students of the Institute for Contemporary Dance of the Folkwang University of the Arts and dancers of the Folkwang Tanzstudio

Alegria van Poppel Lubeigt
Arianna Fabiani
Benjamin Dinnebier
Birte Lüderitz
Chiara Ferrandu
Daniel Lapko
Djamila Polo
Enora Gemin
Eugenia Labuhn
Ezra van Gijsel
Fiametta Ruggerio
Florian Entenfellner
Gabriel Gaudray Donnio
Gloria Carobini
Isis Stamatakos
Jennifer Boultbee
Jihee Kim
Julia Turnage
Maja Kowalik
Marta Pisano
Mateusz Bogdanowicz
Merel Bastiaans
Minseo Kwon
Moeko Okuda
Narumi Saso
Nicol Memoli
Patric Neves Lindström
Pier Paolo Lara
Pierfrancesco Vicinanza
Sanne Vree
Shauna Fischer
Sihyun Kim
Sofia Scarpellini
Steve Alexandre Pedrosa Cardoso
Tabea Jung
Thor Galileo-Axè
Yasin Sönmez
Yi-An Chen

Project management: Prof. Stephan Brinkmann
Music: Robin Fox
Lighting: Bosco Shaw
Costumes: Harriet Oxley
Production Manager: Emily O'Brien
Producer: Claire Bradley Duke
Technical Manager: Robert Larsen
Rehearsal Directors: Kaitlin Malone & Nikky Muscat

Presented by Aurora Nova - international theatre booking agency

Age: 10+

Photo: Mark Gambino

Duration: 0h 50m