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China series China series
China series

China Series

Created by Julian Vogel

The diabolo is a simple object: two shells connected by an axle, which roll, turn, fly, and fall. Swiss artist Julian Vogel places the diabolo at the center of his interdisciplinary work “China Series,” in which performance, parkour, installation, and exhibition combine to form a multi-layered whole. At each performance venue, he develops a specifically adapted variation of his work. Each “China Series” is a unique, fleeting experience composed of the interplay of space, materials, and people. The diabolo itself is only a starting point; Julian Vogel robs it of its original form and materiality. His self-made diabolos are made of found crockery, delicate porcelain, and molded clay. This gives the diabolo a whole new ability: it rolls, flies, falls - and breaks. The play with ceramics and shards allows visitors to immerse themselves in an almost meditative experience of movements and sounds. Time and time again, unexpected ruptures become visible because when the calming presence of just a moment ago suddenly lies in shambles.
For the Recklinghausen version of the “China Series,” Julian Vogel’s fascinating cosmos can be experienced at König Ludwig 1/2.

Autor und Performer: Julian Vogel
Gast-Performer*innen: Hannah Rogerson, Fabian Krestel
Licht und Bühnenbild: Savino Caruso
Künstlerische Begleitung: Roman Müller
Grafik-Design: Laurence Felber
Produktion: Ute Classen
Technik: Orpheo Carcano

In co-production with Festival Cirqu'Aarau, Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde - Pépinière Premiers Pas, Südpol Luzern, Festival Circolo, Circus Next.

The performance lasts 1 hour, after which there is the opportunity to explore the space freely. Note: Fog will be used at a few points during the performance.

Age: 8+

Language: without language

Photo: Savino Caruso

Duration: 1h 30m