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Brot und rosen Brot und rosen
Brot und rosen

Bread and Roses

Workers' Songs and Songs for a Better World

"Bread and Roses" was the demand of U.S. women workers during a major strike. It lives on in the song of the same name. Even today, people all over the world create songs to sing against social inequality, oppression, and the threat of war. As folk song, pop ballad, rock music, rap, or punk, the political songs of protest come in diverse forms. The musical evening "Bread and Roses" presents the songs of today, but also remembers classic tunes of the labor movement. The artists Chorrosion, Grenzgänger, Spätlese, Duo Contraviento, and Cuppatea channel ancient struggles and contemporary challenges of workers around the globe.

Duration: 2h 30m
Incl. break