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To protect visitors and staff we ask you to continue to wear face coverings during your visit at Ruhrfestspiele 2022.

František Ortmann LETNÍ LETNÁ 4 František Ortmann LETNÍ LETNÁ 4
František Ortmann LETNÍ LETNÁ 4

L'âne et la carotte

Galapiat Cirque / Lucho Smit, France

Due to the current pandemic situation, this production must unfortunately be cancelled.

Galapiat Cirque / Lucho Smit, France

Traditionally, the circus was characterized by sensation and perfection. To demonstrate human superiority over nature, circus performers tamed wild animals and performed break-neck acrobatic feats. Contemporary circus, by contrast, centers on the performers’ continuous battle to push their physical limits. French circus artist Lucho Smit is one of these relentless athletes. His show “L’âne et la carotte” is a physical manifestation of the proverbial donkey and the carrot, the goal which seems just within reach but remains forever unattainable. Smit’s witty production contains countless tongue-in-cheek nods to the classic circus – jumping through burning hoops, building chair pyramids – but these elements are given an ironic twist. Ultimately, he tells the story of a tragic hero who is caught up in a never-ending quest for perfection.