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Ein faszinierdender Plan SPECTOR 1 Foto Tanita Olbrich Ein faszinierdender Plan SPECTOR 1 Foto Tanita Olbrich
Ein faszinierdender Plan SPECTOR 1 Foto Tanita Olbrich

Ein faszinierender Plan

A walk-through video installation by Marius Goldhorn, Enis Maci, Mazlum Nergiz, Astrid Nylander, Tanita Olbrich and Pascal Richmann.

Created for Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen 2021

Co-produced with Münchner Kammerspielen

Currently only with advanced booking

Enis Maci is a dramatist, essayist and keynote speaker of this year’s festival. Together with a visual artist, a filmmaker, and three writers she creates a walk-in video installation. Imagine it has not rained for days and suddenly it pours. A Toyota Prius stands on a soaking wet parking lot. Sometimes it is powered by a combustion engine, sometimes it runs on electricity. Sometimes the car thinks like a baby, sometimes it writes a sophisticated journal. Imagine a woman rubbing amber on her head. She charges herself, invites us to receive an electrifying kiss. How is the electrification of villages and teenagers connected to Lomonosov’s soup, which must not get cold? It is certain that a thunderstorm happened on 26 July 1753 and that shortly after a physicist lay dead in his lab. Another certainty: it is labor that kills human beings; always has been, always will be. Things, facts, and deeds do not disappear because they change. We are faced with a power plant that runs on old interests and new obsessions. “A Fascinating Plan” deals with energy.

In cooperation with Ruhrfestspiele, the Leipzig-based publishing house Spector Books will release a literary accompaniment to “A Fascinating Plan” by Goldhorn, Maci, Nergiz, Nylander, Olbrich, and Richmann. Editors Jörn Drege and Matthias Zeiske will publish the volume as part of the book series “Volte” in early May.