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Dear Doubts 1496 Foto Tina Peißker
Dear Doubts 1496 Foto Tina Peißker

Dear Doubts

Revue Regret, Germany /Sweden

Revue Regret, Germany / Sweden


We make decisions every day, be it about mere trifles or life-changing events. Each of these choices has consequences that leave a trace – sometimes a memory, sometimes a scar. Choices also generate regrets. “Dear Doubts” captures these moments of indecision with a collage of evocative images. Acrobatic feats visualize the “what ifs” and “maybes” of life’s contingencies. What if I fall, what if I regret? Revue Regret condense these existential doubts into captivating physical performances that flirt with the abyss. The protagonists Lisa Chudalla and Jakob Jacobsson push themselves to their limits in exploring the tension between transitoriness and finality. They perform fantastic tight rope acts, swallow swords, and challenge gravity in the cyr wheel. A thoughtful and exhilarating evening that tackles the philosophical via the physical.

Duration: 01 hours 00 minutes