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Svalbard Company All Genius All Idiot Foto Jakub Jelen 3 Svalbard Company All Genius All Idiot Foto Jakub Jelen 3
Svalbard Company All Genius All Idiot Foto Jakub Jelen 3

All Genius All Idiot

Svalbard Company, Sweden

Svalbard Company, Sweden

There is a fine line between genius and madness. The Swedish Svalbard Company walk this line with great panache. Their rhapsodic performance celebrates the chaotic, eccentric, and ingenious in the absurdities of everyday life. They probe the boundaries between human and animal, civilization and wilderness, men and women, reality and fantasy. The four exceptional acrobats mix elements of circus, dance, slapstick, and music with a little bit of glitter and a large dose of anarchy. From balancing acts at staggering heights to acrobatic feats of strength on the ground, these artists can do it all. They also provide their own bizarre yet hauntingly beautiful soundtrack on a wide range of instruments. This dazzling, extravagant work of art juggles the big questions of life to create a surreal gem of a show.


Performers: Benjamin Smith, Alexis Akrovatakis, Tom Brand, Santiago Ruiz Albalate
Authors: Benjamin Smith, John Simon Wiborn, Tom Brand, Santiago Ruiz Albalate
Artistic collaboration with: Peter Jasko
Scenography: Kasper Svenstrup Hansen
Lightdesign: Zuzana Rezna
Light and sound technician: Ernesto Monza
Exterior eye: Methinee Wongtrakoon
Exterior eye/Acrobatic coach: Bahoz Temaux
Musical exterior eye: Mae Karthäuser
Costume: Michiel Tange van Leeuwen
Director of Photography: Jack Thompson-Roylance
Producer: Thea Hope
Agent: Mette Clouman (Illimité Agency)
Supported by: Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturrådet, Arts Council England, Glastonbury Arts Commission, Stockholms Stad, Subtopia, Cirk la Putyka, Cirkör LAB & Jacksons Lane

Cologne Circus-Dance Festival

Hanno Sons – technical direction
Philipp Zander – light / technician
Jan Berger – light / technician
Anne Jahnke – sound / technician
Anders Jansen – rigging
Maurits Boettger – streaming
Michael Maurissens– streaming
Paul Falz – streaming
Bastian Meiners– streaming
Manuel Strunk – streaming