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Based on a novel by Stanisław Lem

Cooperation with Schauspielhaus Graz

First performance

Join us for an intergalactic evening that explores inhabitants of distant planets, machine consciousness, and the role of humanity in the midst of all these space oddities.

Get ready to investigate essential epistemological, political, psychological, and ethical questions about the human condition: What is a human being, if not an accumulation of cells? Do we have a soul? Can machines think and feel? And what does a space potato have to do with all this?

Polish science fiction author and futurologist Stanisław Lem probes these and other issues in his “Star Diaries.” This collection of tales about cosmonaut Ijon Tichy blurs the boundaries between science and fiction. The novel, which was published in several editions between the 1950s and 1970s, contemplates humanity’s ethical and political responsibility for technological progress in the future. The stage adaptation of Lem’s prophetic work, written and directed by up-and-coming director Raphaela Möst, invites you to go on a space adventure that is both humorous and profound.

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