Sokrates der Überlebende / wie die Blätter

16./17./18. May 2020

Sokrates der Überlebende / wie die Blätter

Based on the novel “The Survivor” by Antonio Scurati, with additional texts by Plato, Cees Noteboom and Georges I. Gurdjieff

Anagoor / Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim

Based on Antonio Scurati’s novel “The Survivor,” which deals with a shooting at an Italian school, “Socrates the Survivor” investigates the consequences of education and upbringing. Director Simone Derai intimately explores the daily classroom routine of a philosophy class just one day before the massacre. Told from the perspective of a history and philosophy teacher and sole survivor of the shooting, this play tackles the pedagogue’s suffering and struggles, as well as the unique relationship to his students.

Anagoor creates an impressive collage of images, sounds, film clips, and choreography that questions a humanist education’s potential to break the circle of violence. The internationally acclaimed Italian theatre collective Anagoor won the prestigious “Premio Rete Critica” in 2016. They now present a German version of their award-winning production.

We offer a follow-up workshop for this production.

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Bernhard Glose, Max Siegel, Irene Blasig, Berkay Cetin, Dara Dyckerhoff, Frank Kleineberg, Lena Kothe, Marius Meschede, Lara Wolf


Simone Derai


Simone Derai, Patrizia Vercesi

Costume design:

Serena Bussolaro, Simone Derai


Silvia Bragagnolo, Simone Derai

Music and sound design:

Mauro Martinuz


Simone Derai, Giulio Favotto


01 hours 40 minutes
no interval


From €22