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Rohöl 01 Foto Aaron Govea Rohöl 01 Foto Aaron Govea
Rohöl 01 Foto Aaron Govea


Zirkus Morsa, France and Germany

Two bodies, stranded on stage like on a desert island. Slowly they try to find their way through driftwood and cardboard, they start to rebuild the world around them. Carefully balancing objects and each other, the artists of Zirkus Morsa depict the fragility of constructions and how each action furthers a reaction.

Rosa Wilm and Moritz Böhm confront the audience with essential questions: How to act? How to find reconciliation? At which point of evolution do we stand? In which degree do we influence (consciously and unconsciously) the planet that we live on? Are we evolving? Are we intelligent or the most stupid race on earth?

“Rohöl” is a poetic evening about failure and overcoming obstacles, an evening about hope and the wish to surrender. It is about the tightrope walk between balance and imbalance.

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