Robozee vs. Sacre

12./13. May 2020

Robozee vs. Sacre

Dance Without End

Choreography: Christian ,Robozee‘ Zacharas

Renegade, Herne

Ruhrfestspiele present three versions of “Le Sacre du Printemps” at this year’s festival. Three very different aesthetics confront Stravinsky’s legendary composition. Premiered in 1913, “Sacre” is not only a milestone in music history, but also the starting point of modern dance. Since then, many choreographers have found their own movements for Stravinsky’s work, Pina Bausch’s interpretation in 1975 being another milestone.

With Renegade Company, “Sacre” gets an update for a new generation. Robozee vs. Sacre is the first time “Sacre” can be experienced as an urban dance solo: Christian ‚Robozee‘ Zacharas, internationally renowned hip hop, breakin and poppin artist, finds his own way through the composition. He lets his dance moves collide and connect with the music – to the point of complete exhaustion.

Robozee vs Sacre 0139 Foto Oliver Look
Fotos: Oliver Look
Robozee vs Sacre 0059 Foto Oliver Look

Two further occupations with "Le Sacre du Printemps" at the Ruhrfestspiele 2020: „The Sacrifice (Das Opfer)“ and „Sacre“.





Choreografy & Dance:

Christian ,Robozee‘ Zacharas


Malou Airaudo


Jens Piske


Zekai Fenerci


01 hours 00 minutes


From €16