Number Four

6./7. June 2020

Number Four

by René Pollesch

René Pollesch is one of Germany’s most acclaimed contemporary playwrights and directors. Ruhrfestspiele are now proud to present his latest work “Number Four.”

Pollesch writes: “Do you know why I think I have a life? Because to me it seems to be taking place next door. It seems to me as if I had walked in on something that was happening next door. It isn’t mine, and that’s why I’m so happy. I can accept what’s being said next door. And that’s theatre. People go to the theatre because they know it’s happening next door. The most important things always happen next door. And they don’t even have to live next door to a theatre. The things they would really like to say, the things that really have to do with them, always happen with a completely different text and are not directly available. What does direct even mean? No, they don’t want to hear their stories, they also don’t want to tell them. They also know that they are the text that has nothing to do with them.
If you want to talk about something it disappears, it’s quite simple. That’s the fundamental principle of representation. A story slowly takes your place, and perhaps I don’t want a memory to take your place. And I also don’t want to force you to speak, because then everything disappears again. To give people a voice is to extinguish them.”




Christine Groß, Katrin Klein, Astrid Meyerfeldt, Sophie Rois, Katrin Wichmann


Barbara Steiner

Stage design:

Barbara Steiner

Costume design:

Tabea Braun

Running time tba


From €22