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A CM 30 Kolja Huneck 2 Foto Matthias Ziemer A CM 30 Kolja Huneck 2 Foto Matthias Ziemer
A CM 30 Kolja Huneck 2 Foto Matthias Ziemer

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Discover the future of circus!

With this new format, Ruhrfestspiele present three short pieces by up-and-coming circus performers. Discover the future of circus!

"CM_30" by Kolja Huneck, Germany

“CM_30” is a promenade through Goethe's colour circle – an abstract circus solo piece with emphasis on object manipulation and movement. Kolja Huneck approaches the threshold between fine arts and circus in a poetical juggling performance. With CM_30 he explores the transformation of space and spectators through a circus performance that merges his research with self-made disques and the effect of coloured light.

The title refers to the size of Huneck’s juggling prop and invites the audience to think, likewise does the piece itself. “CM_30” is a meditative object manipulation experience based on the beauty of light, shadow, and reflections.

"Tricot" by Kirn Compagnie, Belgium

Kirn Compagnie consists of the brothers Lucas and Théo Enriquez. In “Tricot,” they stunningly explore their relationship through acrobatics. It is fascinating to see how perfectly in-sync these two bodies are: the brothers have their own rhythm and an intertwining synchronicity that feels instinctive, subconscious. Théo and Lucas just finished their studies at the University for Circus Arts, Brussels. “Tricot” is their first production.

"Homan" (Work in Progress) by Vejde Grind, Sweden & Vincent Bruyninckx, Belgium

Two very different bodies collide in Homan: Vejde Grind, Swedish cave man body type, and Vincent Bruyninckx, Belgian French fry body type. As their roads became entangled, so did their bodies and their Cyr wheels. Both share a passion for the absurd, the unknown and are always looking for order in the chaos that they provoke. One of them finds comfort in the past, drowns in nostalgia, looks back on what has been. The other walks with his head in the future, leans forward, focussing on what hasn’t quite happened yet. Thus they create an atmospheric clash of nostalgia and science fiction.

CM 30 01 Foto Matthias Ziemer
CM_30, Photo: Matthias Ziemer

Leider können wir Ihnen dieses Video an dieser Stelle nicht anzeigen. Klicken Sie auf den folgenden Link, um auf Vimeo zu gelangen und das Video dort anzusehen:

Video auf Vimeo ansehen „Tricot“ von Kirn Compagnie, Belgien
Tricot 1 Foto Marie Francoise Plissart
Tricot, Photo: Marie Francoise Plissart
Homan 01 Foto Isak Stockås
Homan, Photo: Isak Stockås
Duration: 2h 20m
incl. 2 intervals (each performance is approx. 30 minutes long)