Inside Out Project

Inside Out Project

by JR

The people’s art project
A global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art.

French photographer JR is one of the world’s most renowned street artists. His trademark are largescale black-and-white photographs, that he installs in public places: houses, rooftops, streets, industrial sites, container or bunkers are bearing JR’s work around the globe. Some grace international metropolises, others can be found in obscure places in the hinterland. The “Inside Out Project” is worldwide one of the largest art projects, created by JR and his team in order to incorporate the identities of local communities and individuals into his artistic vision. Within the scope of this project, large scale photographs of individuals are taken in order to create a whole: ideally a large image composed of the people of the community. These images tell the stories of the people and make the individual visible in the surroundings he/she is inhabitating. JR’s “Inside Out Project” creates floating installations that illuminate the invisible and dignify the struggling masses.

As of today, “Inside Out Project” has created over 220.000 portraits in over 122 countries all around the world. For the 2020 edition of Ruhrfestspiele, the festival wants to invite a large number of people to have their picture taken. The unique photographs are then displayed at a very prominent space within the city centre for the duration of the festival. Following last year’s “What Is the City but the People?”, Ruhrfestspiele once again invites the citizens of Recklinghausen to participate and become part of a piece of art.

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