13. June 2020


Open Air Performance for the grand finale of Ruhrfestspiele 2020

Cirque Inextremiste, France

Once more you are cordially invited to the grand finale of our festival. We would like to celebrate with you and a special premiere this year: for the first time ever, we present a circus show for our final evening. “Exit” is modern circus at its best.

Directed by Yann Ecauvre, the French company Cirque Inextremiste baffles its audiences with spectacular shows that are always a little crazy and always exude a certain construction site charm. Their new show “Exit” allows the adventurous Frenchmen to lift acrobatics to a higher level – quite literally. The performers are defying gravity by telling their story in and outside of a hot air balloon. Four inmates have escaped an old-fashioned asylum. Still in straight-jackets, they try to escape via hot air balloon. This guarantees a night of cinematic suspense and slapstick that is reminiscent of the break-neck stunts of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and other early Hollywood legends. Cirque Inextremiste blurs the lines between circus and theatre, playing with their audience’s breathlessness as they perform 60 meters over the ground. A truly remarkable finale for Ruhrfestspiele 2020!

Free admission

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For the whole family

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Makes itself understood without language


Yann Ecauvre, Julien Favreuille, Laurent Mollon, Etienne Cordeau, Anicet Leone, Serge Lazar


Yann Ecauvre


Solenne Capmas


Bastien Roussel

Light and effects:

Jacques Bouault, Jacques-Benoît Dardant

Hot air balloon design:

Bérengère Giaux


00 hours 45 minutes
no interval