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Tiger Lillies 3 Foto photo graphic art at

"Devil’s Fairground"

„Devil’s Fairground“ or The Tiger Lillies’ 30th Band Anniversary

The Tiger Lillies are at home in the gutters. The London-based avant-garde punk-cabaret band explores the world’s darkest recesses with a unique blend of dark cabaret, vaudeville, variety, street ballad and gypsy chanson. Echoing Bertolt Brecht and Edith Piaf as much as the writings of Edgar Allan Poe or H.P. Lovecraft, the musical trio finds beauty in the macabre and grotesque.

With more than 40 studio albums, the provocative band are now celebrating their 30th anniversary with their latest album, “Devil’s Fairground.” This symphonic creation takes the listener on a hedonistic romp through post-soviet Prague, where the Tiger Lillies first began touring Europe in the early ‘90s. “Devil’s Fairground” combines seedy character studies of legless drunks, bored hookers, and fatherless children with a fascinating snapshot of Prague’s struggle between post-Communist legacy and a dawning Capitalist era.

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