Der zerbrochene Krug

18. May 2020

Der zerbrochene Krug

by Heinrich von Kleist

Direction: Lisa Nielebock

In cooperation with Schauspiel Hannover


It is court day in the village and Mrs. Marthe brings a broken jug before Judge Adam. She accuses Ruprecht, fiancé of her daughter Eve, to have broken the jug while gallivanting with his betrothed. Ruprecht denies this accusation vehemently, Eve remains silent, and Judge Adam appears oddly nervous. When court proceedings take an unexpected turn, the village community is shaken to its core.

Kleist’s comedy tackles the issue of truth in timeless a way. Its characters twist facts, discredit one another, and question real events just to create their own personal truths. In a post-truth era, director Lisa Nielebock offers a timely exploration of Kleist’s play that allows her actors the freedom to engage with the classic text.

Der zerbrochne Krug Werner Wölbern 5 Foto Stefan Klüter
Foto: Stefan Klüter




Mohamed Achour, Fabian Felix Dott, Tabitha Frehner, Torben Kessler, Kaspar Locher, Miriam Maertens, Werner Wölbern


Lisa Nielebock

Stage design:

Oliver Helf

Costume design:

Ute Lindenberg


Hannes Oppermann


Thomas Osterhoff

Running time tba


From €32