Starring and created by South Korean artist Jaha Koo

In 1997, a major economic crisis hit South Korea. The crash’s devastating effects, which were mainly felt among the young generation, ranged from unemployment and socio-economic inequality to rising suicide rates, isolation, acute social withdrawal, and a fixation on personal appearance.

South Korean artist Jaha Koo is part of this lost generation. One day when his electric rice cooker Cuckoo informed him that his meal was ready, he experienced a deep sense of helpless isolation that encouraged him to reflect deeper on South Korea’s current state of affairs.

In bittersweet and humorous dialogues, Jaha and his clever rice cookers Hana, Duri, and Seri take you on a journey through the last 20 years of Korean history, combining personal experience with political events and reflections on happiness, economic crises and death.

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Cuckoo 02 Foto Wolf Silveri
Foto: Wolf Silveri

A production of Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, in cooperation with Bâtard Festival. Sponsored by Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie. With kind support of CAMPO, STUK, BUDA, DAS, SFAC + Noorderzon / Grand Theatre Groningen.




Korean with German and English surtitles.


Hana, Duri, Seri and Jaha Koo

Concept, direction, text, music, and video:

Jaha Koo

Cuckoo Hacking:

Idella Craddock

Scenography and media operation:

Eunkyung Jeong

Dramaturgical advice:

Dries Douibi