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Brot und Rosen!

Working songs and songs for a better world

“Bread and roses” was the demand of US-American female workers during the Bread and Roses Strike in the early 19th century. Its legacy continues in the song of the same name. All over the planet, workers demanding a just and free world capture their sentiment in music. To this day, their songs condemn injustice, oppression, and warmongering.

“Bread and Roses” is an evening of workers’ songs presented by the Ruhfestspiele 2020. Bochum-based choir Chorrosion has been a political-musical institution since 1984, always committed to current social issues like union rights and solidarity for migrants. Spätlese from Hanover uses guitar-based folk rock as their weapon of choice to fight social injustice. The German-Chilean Duo Contra focuses on the recent social upheaval in Latin America, while singer songwriter duo Cuppa Tea from Münster offers German-language folk songs with caustic wit that invite the audience to sing along.