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Boehm 169 Foto Lupi Spuma


von Paulus Hochgatterer

with Nikolaus Habjan, Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria

Karl Böhm, one of the best conductors of the twentieth century and famous son of the Austrian city Graz, is also a prime example for the blind spot in German-Austrian history.

Böhm was a great artist, but also someone who used the Nazi regime to further his career. Nikolaus Habjan, another great artist from Graz, is starring in and directing this renowned show about Böhm. Together with author Paulus Hochgatterer, puppeteer Habjan dissects Böhm – the genius, the god-like conductor, and autocratical despot. This clever analysis of corruption and followers is painfully relevant today.

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The New York Times called “Böhm” an “elaborate, virtuosic romp through a scorched landscape of aesthetics and ethics and a scathing indictment of a towering musician who, in the name of art, became a puppet of the Third Reich.”

Artist talk with Nikolaus Habjan: 27 May, after the performance

Presented in cooperation with FIDENA Festival Bochum (May 19-30 2020). Further information: www.fidena.de