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Afrokultur 01 Foto Florian Boccia
Afrokultur 01 Foto Florian Boccia

Afrokultur. Der Raum zwischen gestern und morgen

Direction and text: Natasha A. Kelly

Cooperation with Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

Untethered by time and space, the black academics and activists W.E.B. Du Bois, Audre Lorde, and May Ayim meet to reminisce about their lives. In a hybrid and ambivalent space that remains hidden from the white majority they exchange their experiences with racism. Moving beyond national borders, these brilliant minds open up Germany as a political space for the African diaspora.

Natasha A. Kelly is an author, university lecturer and curator who practices sociology of communication with a focus on post-/colonialism and feminism. Born in London and raised in Germany, she explores the complex entanglements of power, knowledge and bodies through her very own blend of academic theory, art, and social practice.

Afrokultur 01 Foto Florian Boccia
Foto: Florian Boccia