ABBA Jetzt!

ABBA Jetzt!

An Insolent Tribute to the Swedish Pop Titans

ABBA: Beloved by many, passionately loathed by some. Either way, there is no escaping the 1970s Swedish pop group whose status as cultural world heritage was cemented by the stage and film musicals “Mamma Mia.”

Tilo Nest, Hanno Friedrich, and Alexander Paeffgen have channelled their passion for the Swedes into a comedic musical evening that is “ABBA Now!” The actor-comedian-musicians offer a hilarious breakneck-ride through various musical styles to present ABBA’s greatest hits in a surprising new garb. No genre is safe from this trio infernale, be it hip hop, madrigal, flamenco, heavy metal, or opera. After twenty years of celebrated international performances, “ABBA Now!” finally arrives at the Ruhrfestspiele.

„Es war einfach zum Brüllen komisch, fast schon zum Heulen vor Lachen...“
Badische Zeitung

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Abba Jetzt 02 Foto Sebastian Hoppe
Foto: Sebastian Hoppe


Tilo Nest, Hanno Friedrich, Alexander Paeffgen