wilderness tender / Auftaucher

19./20. May 2019

wilderness tender / Auftaucher

Folkwang Tanzstudio

For the first time, Folkwang Dance Studio presents its work at Ruhrfestspiele. Two very distinct pieces are combined to create a riveting evening of contemporary dance. Drawing on the Dance Studio ensemble’s visceral energy, both choreographies playfully explore movement, space and music.

Fts Wildnerness Tender Fotoo By Marie Laforge 38
wilderness tender, Foto: Marie Laforge
Fts Auftaucher Foto By Ursula Kaufmann J09A9447
Auftaucher, Foto: Ursula Kaufmann

"wilderness tender" is a piece by American dancer and choreographer Stephanie Miracle, herself a Dance Studio alumna. Her choreography is inspired by the surrealist imagery of Henri Rousseau. Like his paintings, the work is colourful, entangled, elaborately physical, wild and tender at the same time.

"Auftaucher" is a new staging of Henrietta Horn’s brilliant piece that premiered in Jakarta in 2001. In this choreography about the variety of interpersonal relationships, the tension between the dancers is almost palpable and leaps off the stage.

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Baptiste Bersoux, Yi-An Chen, Maria Giovanna delle Donne, Stsiapan Hurski, Ji Hee Kim, Giuseppe Perricone, Darko Radosavljev, Pierandrea Rosato, Narumi Saso, Mariane Verbecq

„wilderness tender“ Choreography:

Stephanie Miracle („wilderness tender), Henrietta Horn („Auftaucher“)

„wilderness tender“ Music:

Simon Camatta (Schlagzeug), Stefan Kirchhoff (Gitarre) („wilderness tender"), fanfare pourpour, Lalo Schifrin, Ondekoza, Fanfare Ciocarlia („Auftaucher“)

„wilderness tender“ Stage:

Ivo Schneider („wilderness tender“),

„wilderness tender“ Costumes:

Anne Bentgens („wilderness tender“/ „Auftaucher“)

„wilderness tender“Light Design:

Reinhard Hubert („wilderness tender“/ „Auftaucher“)


02 hours 00 minutes


From €20