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Un Poyo Rojo 2 0305 M Ph Ishka Michocka Un Poyo Rojo 2 0305 M Ph Ishka Michocka
Un Poyo Rojo 2 0305 M Ph Ishka Michocka

Un Poyo Rojo

Kompanie Poyo Rojo, Argentinien, in Zusammenarbeit mit Aurora Nova

Poyo Rojo Company in Association with Aurora Nova

In an empty locker room, two men play with movement, an analogue radio and tiny shorts. The athletic bodies of Luciano Rosso and Alfonso Barón move fluently from wrestling to dance, acrobatics to physical comedy in an irresistible distortion of the expectations of manhood. A funny, raw, playful hour interspersed with competitiveness and comradery, seduction and sabotage.

“Un Poyo Rojo” is a compelling crossover between dance, sports and sexuality. Communicating only with body language, Barón and Rosso explore how much can be read between the lines. Their tongue-in-cheek representations of South American machismo expose the fragile nature of masculinity and gender roles. After sell-out shows at the festivals in Avignon and Edinburgh, the Argentinian hit production can finally be seen in Recklinghausen. This is physical theatre at its best!

"A tour-de-force takedown of virile peacocking, performed with adroit and irresistable comic timing and charisma by Alfonso Baron and Luciano Rosso.“ The Stage

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