SLIXS in concert

10. May 2019

SLIXS in concert


SLIXS is among the best vocal ensembles on the planet. With their powerful and surprising mixture of jazz, pop and funk, classical and world music, these six multitalented voices have captured audiences at concerts from Europe to Asia. The SLIXS members all share a unique musical ambition: they test the limits of the human voice and carry their audience off into a paradise of unusual soundscapes and vocal percussion.

Their show on 10 May is an intimate concert. Presented in the unique acoustic setting of a church, the show features compositions from Bach to Peter Gabriel.

Slixs Bandfoto 1 Foto Hagen Wolf
Foto: Hagen Wolf


Katharina Debus, Michael Eimann, Gregorio D. Hernandez, Karsten Müller, Thomas Piontek, Konrad Zeiner

Musical Conduction:

Michael Eimann


From €20