Sjaella: Origins

25. May 2019

Sjaella: Origins


Named after the Swedish word for ‘soul’, German ensemble Sjaella presents a-capella music at its best: uniform yet individual, gentle yet robust, precise yet free-flowing. This versatility is what Sjaella's sound is all about. The six singers joined forces many years ago and continue to discover new ways to diversify their sound. They are open to new influences, love musical diversity and have the courage to challenge barriers.

Sjaella are especially fascinated by Scandinavian folklore and choir traditions which they re-invent for contemporary musical contemplations of nature.

Sjaella 02
Foto: Lutz Wiechmann
Sjaella 02
Sjaella 01


Viola Blache, Helene Erben, Marie Charlotte Seidel, Marie Fenske, Franziska Eberhardt, Luisa Klose


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