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Reportagen Der Araber Vor Der Kita 35 Araber Vor Der Kita 1
Reportagen Der Araber Vor Der Kita 35 Araber Vor Der Kita 1

Reportagen Live - Susanne Donner

„Der Araber vor der Kita“

Host: Dmitrij Gawrisch

In Cooperation with REPORTAGEN – Das unabhängige Magazin für erzählte Gegenwart

The Swiss magazine REPORTAGEN sends reporters around the globe to discover stories that change our perception of the world. We have selected four of these unforgettable tales for readings at the Ruhrfestspiele. Four journalists will join us at Bar42 to present their texts and talk about their experiences. Join us for coffee and cake on a Sunday afternoon to expand your horizon.

Susanne Donner „Der Araber vor der Kita“

Tarik Zeki is an Egyptian living in Germany. His daughter Soraya attends a kindergarten, just like millions of other children. But each time Tarik goes to pick up his child, he is treated very differently from all the German parents. Journalist Susanne Donner, whose children attend the same kindergarten as Zeki’s, experienced these small acts of social exclusion and xenophobia first hand. As Donner writes, multiculturalism comes to an end when a foreign-looking man wants to pick up his child. Tarik’s story is a powerful demonstration of the limits of acceptance in Germany’s “Willkommenskultur”. The reading is designed for adults, but all children are welcome.

Suberg’s Restaurant at Ruhrfestspielhaus offers coffee and cake during the event.

Duration: 01 hours 30 minutes