Reportagen Live - Daniela Schröder

12. May 2019

Reportagen Live - Daniela Schröder

„Ein Mann für die Tage“

Host: Dmitrij Gawrisch

In Cooperation with REPORTAGEN – Das unabhängige Magazin für erzählte Gegenwart

The Swiss magazine REPORTAGEN sends reporters around the globe to discover stories that change our perception of the world. We have selected four of these unforgettable tales for readings at the Ruhrfestspiele. Four journalists will join us at Bar42 to present their texts and talk about their experiences. Join us for coffee and cake on a Sunday afternoon to expand your horizon.

Daniela Schröder “Ein Mann für die Tage“

Only one in ten Indian women uses tampons or sanitary pads. The majority uses old rags, newspaper or grass. Muruga, a locksmith, was moved his wife’s monthly plight and developed a simple process for the cheap production of sanitary pads. This machine is the key to a worldwide revolution in personal hygiene that promises greater freedom to women in the low-income sector. Hamburg-based reporter Daniela Schröder tells Muruga’s story and the impact that one small invention can have on the rest of the world.

Suberg’s Restaurant at Ruhrfestspielhaus offers coffee and cake during the event.


Dmitrij Gawrisch


01 hours 30 minutes


From €15