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Parasitescles Graphistoleurs Hd1 Parasitescles Graphistoleurs Hd1
Parasitescles Graphistoleurs Hd1


Compagnie Galapiat, Frankreich

Three men are stuck. They are stuck head-first in blocks of cement while the stage bathed in eerie green lights conjures up a ghostly atmosphere. The exhausting liberation process is at once amusing and desperate. “Parasites” is poetical circus. Or a circus poem? The audience dives into this post-apocalyptic world full of strange noises, atmospheric music and chaos. The three artists create an emotional rollercoaster that combines circus elements with music and clowning.

Compagnie Galapiat is based in Brittany and unites different artists for each project. Their aim is to bring together different audiences and generations in their shows. “Parasites” is a declaration of love to life and its deviations.

"It is sheer impossible not to be drawn into this show. It’s atmosphere is infectious." Voralberger Nachrichten

Parasites 06 Foto Sebastien Armengol
Fotos: Sebastien Armengol
Parasites 05 Foto Sebastien Armengol

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