Origin of a Tale

17./18./19. May 2019

Origin of a Tale

Vom Ursprung einer Geschichte / Regie: Aurélien Zouki, Éric Deniaud

People love stories. Stories have always been there and always will be. Origin of a tale is a creative project for young audiences by Lebanese artists Aurelien Zouki and Éric Deniaud. The piece combines storytelling, dance, and object and sound manipulation. The central element is clay: clay in piles, in blocks, in layers; giving life to figures and spaces. It is from and through this raw material that the two interpreters build a genealogy of fables and their origins.

The two performers re-create fables that have been passed on from generation to generation, territory to territory. These stories resonate with all of us and remind us that not so long ago, borders were not defined as they are today. And that our thoughts and stories are and always will be free, able to cross borders and transcend boundaries.

A creative journey for the whole family.

Supported by Embassy of Switzerland Libanon, Institut français Libanon, Al Madina Theatre and Focus Liban – Zoukak

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Origin Of A Tale 1 Foto Rima Maroun
Foto: Rima Maroun

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Aurélien Zouki, Éric Deniaud

Sound Design:

Emmanuel Zouki

Light Design:

Tamara Badreddine


00 hours 50 minutes


From €15