Oh Oh

28./29./30. May 2019

Oh Oh

Compagnia Baccalà, Schweiz

German Premiere

Four years ago, their show PSS PSS took Recklinghausen by storm. Over 700 shows and 50 countries later, Swiss artists Camilla Pessi und Simone Fassari present their brand-new production: Oh Oh!

Baccalà Oh Oh Djamila Agustoni 2
Fotos: Djamila Agustoni
Baccalà Oh Oh Djamila Agustoni 0388

Two characters, simultaneously sure of themselves and completely lost, stumble onto the stage as though by accident. Wordlessly, through humour, acrobatics, and the universal language of the body, the two go on an antic-filled voyage of discovery and transformation. Baccalà’s new show is firmly situated within the long history of clownery, refreshing without distorting this (dis)honourable tradition. Oh Oh is another brilliant parody of life as a double-act, an absurd pas de deux that delights children and grown-ups alike.

"Sometimes a show is such a total delight that it is hard to write about it without just gushing ‘See it, see it!’ – This is such a show. See it, see it." TotalTheatre

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Produced by Compagnia Baccalà in cooperation with Teatro Sociale Bellinzona & Quai des Arts Rumilly, represented by Aurora Nova

Suitable from:



Ohne Sprache


Camilla Pessi, Simone Fassari


Valerio Fassari, Louis Spagna

Artistic Collaboration:

Pablo Ariel Bursztyn

Collaboartion Clowning:

Valerio Fassari


Antonio Catalfamo

Light Design:

Marco Oliani


Fleur Marie Fuentes, Ruth Mäusli


Françoise Cornet


Kate Higginbottom


01 hours 00 minutes


From €15