2./1. June 2019



The French ensemble Humanophones call their genre ‘Body Pop Music’ which is apt for a combo that uses their entire body to create music.

Humanophones find an incredible number of ways to transform their bodies into sound machines and musical playgrounds. A-capella and body percussion blend into a surprising mix of Jazz, Funk, Soul and world music.

„Pure fun.“ Jazz Nachrichten

Humanophones S2H 3032 Foto Yvan Schawandascht
Foto: Yvan Schawandascht


Leïla Martial, Frédérika Alésina, Laurie Batista, Joris Le Dantec, Cyprien Zéni (Voice), David Amar, Wab (Human Beat Box, Voice), Simon Filippi, Quelen Lamouroux, Mathieu Benigno (Bodypercussions, Voice), Rémi Leclerc, (Bodypercussions, Voice, Art Director, Compositor)


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