Hüller trifft Hauschka

29. May 2019

Hüller trifft Hauschka

The Art of Beginning

For years, the two exceptional artists Sandra Hüller and Hauschka have tried to get together for a musical collaboration. What better place to present the outcome than Recklinghausen?

German actress Sandra Hüller moves effortlessly between genres and places. She captivates her audience on stage as well as on screen. She also attracted international attention with her lead role in the highly acclaimed German drama Toni Erdman. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film.

The Oscar nomination connects Sandra Hüller to German composer and pianist Volker Bertelmann aka Hauschka. The minimalist composer is well-known for his film scores, two of which earned him an Academy Award nomination.

Hüller Trifft Hauschka Hochformat Sandra Hüller Hf 4912 Foto Christian Hüller
Foto: Christian Hüller
Hüller Trifft Hauschka 2018 0614 Hauschka0243End
Foto: puschen


Sandra Hüller

Piano and Composition



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