Georg Stefan Troller

14. May 2019

Georg Stefan Troller

im Gespräch mit Denis Scheck

In Conversation with Denis Scheck

Georg Stefan Troller was born 10 December 1921 in Vienna as the son of a Jewish fur trader. He is a citizen of the world, an anthropologist. At the age of seventeen he fled from Nazi-occupied Vienna to Paris and later to the United States.

He returned to Europe as an American soldier and later studied literary and theatre studies in California, New York and Paris. Since his permanent move to Paris in 1949, he worked as a correspondent, journalist and author. The French capital is also the main topic of his work: his television format Pariser Journal conveyed a loving portrait of the city’s inhabitants for a German audience. Praised for his radically subjective perspective, Troller gained fame with his artistic Personenbeschreibungen, a series of carefully crafted observations of celebrities as diverse as Muhammad Ali, Charles Bukowski, Romy Schneider and Alain Delon. The 97-year-old is an incredible witness of the past since he lived through many radical changes of the 20th century. At this year’s Ruhrfestspiele, Georg Troller will converse with literary critic Denis Scheck.

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Foto: Günter Schwiering


Georg Stefan Troller


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