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Kontrabass 6146 Foto Diana Küster Kontrabass 6146 Foto Diana Küster
Kontrabass 6146 Foto Diana Küster

Der Kontrabass

von Patrick Süskind

The Double Bass is Patrick Süskind’s only play. The author, who gained worldwide recognition for his novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, created a complex one-man-show. A double bass player sits alone in his apartment and drinks beer. Simultaneously, he contemplates his work, life, love – and his permanent struggle of being tied to the biggest string instruments of all.

This rousing monologue is among the most frequently performed plays in Germany. It deftly combines social commentary with slapstick, tragedy with comedy.

Actor Roland Riebeling, best known as the new assistant to inspectors Ballauf and Schenk of the television series Tatort, takes on the double bass in this production. He won the German Comedy Award in 2004 and 2005. Furthermore, he was given the Bochum Theatre Award in 2017.

Kontrabass 6017 Foto Diana Küster
Fotos: Diana Küster
Duration: 1h 40m